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Some of the hottest tech startups are coming from the Middle East

There are some great ideas coming out of Dubai in the UAE, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and many parts of India, but you don’t often think of Lebanon as a hotbed for EdTech start-ups. But top-flight international universities like the American University of Beirut are producing young entrepreneurs with world class ideas, talent, and drive.

I met Anis Assi at the 2017 World Finals of the Imagine Cup, a competition that gathers some of the best young minds on the planet. Anis’s project, BL!NK, uses technology to help students and professionals evaluate their own presentations. In an entrepreneurial world, the key to success is often in the presentation.

In the near future, when it comes to success, if you don’t BL!NK, you may miss it.

About Anis Assi

Anis Assi is a Computer Engineering major at the American University of Beirut. With team Bl!NK, he has competed in the Imagine Cup for three years, winning the nationals in 2015 and making it to the finals this summer. Currently he is interning at AT&T in Florida and will be graduating from the American University of Beirut in 2018.

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