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Reading Plus Will Show AAEA Conference How Students Can Achieve Reading Goals

AAEA Summer Conference in Little Rock, July 31-August 2, 2017




Visit Reading Plus at the 2017 AAEA Summer Conference in Little Rock, July 31-August 2, to learn more about how your district can help students achieve grade-level reading goals.

Reading Plus, the leading producer of silent reading assessments and remediation solutions, will be demonstrating its solutions for effective literacy instruction at the 2017 Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAEA) Summer Conference in Little Rock from July 31-August 2. Attendees who visit Reading Plus in the exhibit hall will learn how the innovative “Reading Plus Guided Window” helps struggling readers develop the physical skills needed for silent reading fluency; gain an understanding of physically efficient eye movement and its connection to increased rate and stamina, which makes reading more productive and comfortable; and more.

The Reading Plus approach is founded on 80 years of pioneering research and development in silent reading technology. The award-winning program, which is used in thousands of public and private elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools, is proven to increase student literacy achievement.

“During our first year of Reading Plus, we set three goals for our students: improve at least one grade level in comprehension, show improvement on our SRI score, which is our standard lexile gauge, and show improvement on the state test. 99 percent of our students met these goals in the first year,” shares Linda T., a middle school teacher in Oklahoma. “After 21 years of teaching reading classes, I can promise that I’ve never found a program that comes close to Reading Plus. Students who aren’t even in my class are asking how they can enroll,” she adds. Read Linda’s full testimonial on LinkedIn Pulse.

The unique, patented products, technology, and implementation strategies offered by Reading Plus build the foundation for academic, vocational, and real-world success. Each product is research-based and designed to help students of all ages become better silent readers and independent learners.

About Reading Plus

Reading Plus simultaneously develops all three domains of reading–physical, cognitive, and emotional–by integrating them in one personalized online reading program. Rooted in eight decades of research, Reading Plus is proven to increase achievement in students from elementary grades through college. The learn more, visit www.readingplus.com.

AAEA On-Site Contacts:

Stacy Pearson

Triumph Educational Solutions

C: 615.516.2258

E: stacy.pearson@readingplus.com

Julane Whipple

Achieve Education Solutions

C: 405.742.7278

E: julane@readingplus.com

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