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Reflecting on Teaching

Authors of the best-selling ASCD book Building Teachers’ Capacity for Success talk to Dr. Berger about why your effectiveness in the classroom is directly connected to your ability to self-reflect on your teaching practice and use the reflection process to get better at what you do. Pete Hall and Alisa Simeral discuss tools and strategies, from their latest book Teach, Reflect, Learn: Building Your Capacity for Success in the Classroom, to reveal deeper understandings of your practice and increase your power to make purposeful improvements. Their path forward includes:

  • A short self-assessment to gauge your current self-reflective tendencies and provide a launching point for personal growth.
  • Prompts and strategies to spur your development in the art and skill of self-reflection.
  • Insights into the four stages that compose the continuum of self-reflection and how each stage contributes to your overall improvement.
  • Goals and road maps for developing self-reflective tendencies, accuracy, and behavior.




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