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Riding the Big Data Wave to Feed the World

Alok Mysore is working to help ease an impending food shortage

Alok Mysore is a graduate student in Computer Science at UC San Diego. He came to the US from India a year ago with a strong worldview and a hunger to help cure the world’s looming future food shortage. He recently competed in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition, an annual event that brings teams from across the globe to pitch their technology-related projects to judges in hopes of winning a prize package and additional resources to help their business ventures.

Alok’s project at the Imagine Cup is called Farmalytics. It helps farmers make data-driven decisions in their daily farming practices, allowing a sustainable and consistently profitable model of agriculture. Through the use of on-field sensors that measure important parameters vital for crop growth and data analysis of the sensor data, Farmalytics provides actionable information to farmers through both web and mobile applications. Alok specializes in systems and high-performance computing while his partner Chiraag specializes in artificial intelligence and information management. Both share a passion for adapting technology to address current and future global challenges.

This article was originally published in the Huffington Post .

About Alok Mysore:

Alok is a graduate student at UC San Diego, pursuing a Masters Degree in Computer Science. His research interests include systems and distributed systems engineering. He has previously worked in the search query optimization and conversational AI domains. He has also participated and won several Hackathons conducted by Microsoft, Google, and AngelHack.

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