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A Russian Student’s Remedy for the Boring Lecture

Using a biofeedback app to let you know when you're boring us

Ilya Slolvev and his friends are typical college students. They study, they read, they spend lots of time in lectures – many fascinating, and some utterly boring. It was the boring lectures that were the inspiration for Boremeter, an app that monitors an audience’s involvement. Boremeter is based on neural networks and computer vision algorithms, and allows users to analyze interest (or lack thereof) from the audience at lectures and presentations.

As a tool for lecturers and presenters, Boremeter can be invaluable. As Ilya says, “Sometimes very clever people talk about very interesting things in very boring ways.” Boremeter can help change that. It’s an idea that is gaining steam. Ilya and Boremeter made the world finals of Microsoft’s 2017 Imagine Cup, an innovation and technology conference held in Seattle each year that showcases some of the world’s top university students. Boremeter is making the world more interesting – one boring presenter at a time.

About Ilya Soloviev:

Ilya Soloviev is a student of Applied Mathematics and Information Science at the Higher School of Economics in Russia.

This article was originally published in the Huffington Post .

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