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Sharing an Original Voice to Make Your Message Unforgettable

A discussion with educator-author Chuck Poole, lead editor of the uNseries

Chuck Poole is a teacher, author and podcaster who has made it his mission to motivate other teachers in manifesting their very best. He is the host of the Teachonomy Talks podcast and lead editor of the uNseries for Times 10 Publications. Chuck’s book uNforgettable: Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget is this first in this series, which will feature a number of educator-authors.

Poole remembers sitting down with Times 10’s founder and publisher, Mark Barnes, to brainstorm his book and begin the process of launching the uNseries. He initially wondered, “Who is going to really care what I have to say?” It was an unnecessary fear after the success of his Teachonomy Talks podcast and his blog, but eventually, it came down to trusting his voice. “I was talking to a couple of mentors of mine and realized through their advice that everybody has their own unique voice and it’s not necessarily about always coming up with the most original idea that hasn’t been talked about; but, sometimes, it’s about giving your own original spin on something that people want to hear or learn.”

As a teacher, Poole helps other educators develop and gain confidence in their style and methods by presenting relatable experiences. “I think when somebody resonates with your message, the reason is because they have experienced it in some way, shape, or form already.”

Branding is an intentional aspect of uNseries, and although some in education hold preconceived negative views on branding, Poole takes a more progressive approach. “One thing I wanted to do was not only come up with a catchy phrase but a concept that people could really buy into and be a part of,” he says. Developing something diverse with a different spin is the motivation behind the uNseries. “[Something] fresh and exciting for teachers in the classroom and people trying to find new ways to engage students and themselves in their career.”

Wording, lettering and color are all predetermined elements that relate to the theme of the series.As Poole explains, “If you take a look, for instance, at the uNseries and the logo itself, it’s lowercase ‘u’ with the capital ‘N’ and that was done in a very intentional way. It was done because we wanted to reverse the meaning in a symbolic way. The goal of the uNseries is to take a look at teaching and reimagine how we can do these things.” Additionally, the red color of “uN” was purposely chosen because it represented one of the boldest colors on the spectrum and had a tendency to “pop” visually, bringing emphasis to the objective of the series.

“Essentially, the uNseries is a series of books that are not only going to reimagine teaching but make whoever reads them and whoever follows through with the strategies [see] their teaching pop. And that is essentially the thought process behind the series itself,” says Poole.

The construction of the series is broken into three parts; unveil, unravel and unleash. It’s a concept where simplicity plays a pivotal role. “I’m big on the ‘rule of threes.’ I think when you have things in threes, they’re easy to remember. I wanted to create a template that would be simple for teachers to grasp once they read it and break it down in a way that could be easy to follow,” he says. As a teacher, he believes in providing concepts in the most natural way possible to give students a better chance of implementing skills in the real world. “I wanted to take that [idea] and put it into a book where teachers could do the same thing.”

Poole understands the collaborative process and fully acknowledges the importance of having a variety of experts and opinions involved in the process. He adds, “I’m a big believer in surrounding myself with smarter people. And that’s, essentially, the goal─finding authors who are going to write for the series whom I respect and feel are brilliant. I let them bring their voices to the masses.”

About Chuck Poole

Chuck Poole is a veteran teacher who has made it his mission to inspire and encourage. He is the visionary behind Teachonomy.com and the host of the Teachonomy Talks podcast. Chuck is the producer of the uNseries for Times 10 Books, and the author of uNforgettable: Your Roadmap to Being the Teacher They Never Forget, the first book in the series.

The uNseries: Teaching Reimagined The uNseries is for teachers who love the uNlovable, accept the uNacceptable, rebuild the broken, and help the genius soar. Each chapter uNveils an important principle to ponder, uNravels a plan that you can put into place to make an even greater impact, and uNleashes an action step for you to take to be a better educator.

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