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Special Episode – Reflections on the Future of School Choice

We’ve recently observed National School Choice Week in the U.S., leading Future of School and educators nationwide to ask a number of relevant questions: What should school choice really mean in 2021? How is it defined by most Americans and how should it be defined? What work are we doing to enhance options in learning that go far beyond the physical school building? And, looking ahead, what is the future of school choice?

In this special episode, Future of School CEO and Education Evangelist Amy Valentine reflects on some of the recent conversations about school choice. We then share Amy’s recent interview on the Building the Bridge podcast, hosted by Dr. Wendy Oliver, which allowed for an in-depth, layered discussion of the future of school choice.

In the interview, you’ll hear Amy’s insights on the history of the traditional school choice discussion, and the ways in which that conversation is expanding and evolving, both as a result of the pandemic but also dating back over multiple decades of online and blended learning. Among other perspectives, Amy shares that “COVID-19 made it undeniable to everybody in our country [that] parents should have the right, and they should be empowered, to choose the best learning environment for their children.” 

For more content about the future of school choice, listen to S1E6 of Future of School: The Podcast and read Amy’s latest column on edCircuit

To hear more conversations about the topics that connect educators and parents around online learning, you can subscribe to Building the Bridge

Learn more about Future of School and its mission to mobilize change in American K-12 education from a one-size-fits-all system to one that ensures all students reach their unbounded potential no matter where their learning takes place at www.futureof.school. Follow Future of School on Twitter @futureof_school and follow Amy Valentine @amyvalentine555 to keep up-to-date on exciting initiatives and opportunities. 

About Amy Valentine:

Amy Valentine is the Chief Executive Officer and Education Evangelist of Future of School, an education intermediary organization designed to support the growth of innovative school models integrating blended and online learning. Prior to guiding Future of School’s incubation and launch, Amy managed a portfolio of Colorado schools where she led academic and operational turnaround strategy. She also previously served as executive director for a network of Nobel Learning Communities schools in California.

About Dr. Wendy Oliver:

Dr. Wendy Oliver is a highly qualified Tennessee teacher and administrator who has pioneered digital learning across multiple states and school districts. She has authored digital teaching standards and developed software that allows teachers to self-assess their knowledge of digital instruction. Dr. Oliver is currently the Chief Learning Officer for EdisonLearning. Follow her on Twitter @oliver_dr

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