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2017 Grammy Music Educator Award Finalist Profile: Richard Nickerson

Having taught music for nearly 30 years, Richard Nickerson is considered a mainstay in the Portland, Maine music education community.

Following his Music Educator Grammy Award nomination, I had the opportunity to talk to Rick about his approach to music education, specifically choral and vocal education. Even though Rick has seen very little change in the actual student make-up and thirst for knowledge, he has seen incredible change over the years in the technology available to teach music. He marvels at how easy it is to network and connect with the global music education network, which has always been traditionally strong.

Rick has a passion and energy for music and music education that is immediately palatable. He has chosen to channel that exuberance into a lifetime of learning for his students. It’s evident that Rick feels the ultimate reward for his dedication and hard work is watching his students carry forward their musical learning into future pursuits.

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