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Superintendent Bringing Bird’s Eye View to Parents and Community

Third generation graduate now moving her district forward

Michelle Carroll Smith really knows her district. The Superintendent of Lytle ISD, just outside of San Antonio, Texas, is a third generation graduate from Lytle High School and her children represent a fourth generation. She started working at Lytle ISD as an elementary teacher and worked her way up to being superintendent in 2002.

dove on a fence postBut just because she been around the district her whole life doesn’t mean she’s happy to stick with the status quo. In fact, she’s spearheading a movement in the district to make wholesale changes in their accountability system so that the community can become aware of all the successes that take place in the district and not just focus on state-mandated test scores.

They implemented a strategic plan five years ago, and last year developed a dashboard so that parents and other members of the community could have an “at a glance” view of what’s going on with the students and the schools. She has received full support for the changes.

“Our school board is very involved with it and our administrative teams are very involved” she says. “This TPAC  (Texas Performance Assessment Consortium) organization has really provided us with a lot of direction ─ looking at a variety of what we can assess and telling our story to the community: What are the great things that are going on at Lytle? What are the great things our students are accomplishing that our traditional accountability system does not tell us?”

About Michelle Carroll Smith

Michelle Carroll SmithMichelle Carroll Smith is a third generation graduate from Lytle High School in Lytle, Texas, having graduated in 1980. She went on to get her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas – San Antonio in 1985 and her Master of Science from Texas A&M at Kingsville in 1990.

Michelle has worked in the Lytle ISD since 1987, when she started as an elementary teacher. After seven years she became vice principal of the elementary school. She moved to the Central Office as Assistant Superintendent in 2000 and became Superintendent in 2002.

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