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A Superintendent Creating an Avenue to Reach Parents Via Social Media

Using online resources to better connect parents to the classroom

Diane Kornegay, the superintendent of Lake County Schools in Florida, is encouraged by the communication possibilities emerging between educators and parents. She is taking the necessary steps to promote an environment of improved information sharing. Initially, teachers had asked for more access to Twitter and Facebook to communicate with parents and others in the community about what was happening in the school — but the district at the time had a policy that explicitly prohibited social media access in the school.

Teacher on computer using social media“We put together a social media policy,” she says. “We’ve opened up the doors for that, so they have great access to technologies and they can engage parents. They asked for it and we were able to provide it. There’s always the fear of opening up a door with technology and the problems it can bring in the classroom, but we’ve been able to overcome them and ensure that we have an avenue to reach parents via social media.”

Diane’s road to success did not necessarily get off to the best of starts. After graduation from college, she went back to the elementary school where she had previously been a student teacher. There was a specific class of students that were struggling, and she knew that she had the talent and skills it would take to turn those kids around. During the interview, the principal told her that she didn’t see it and that Diane needed to look for another line of work.” Diane represents a perfect example of strength gained through perseverance and a firm belief in purpose and skill.

You can hear the rest of the story in this interview, but needless to say, she has had a great career in education since 1987 working her way all the way up to the position of superintendent. Diane’s journey is a true success story.

About Diane Kornegay

Diane KornegayDiane Kornegay, M.Ed. was appointed Superintendent of Lake County Schools in January 2017 after a national search. Prior to her appointment, she served as Deputy Superintendent in the School District of Clay County, where she was responsible for the daily operation and management of the district.

She began her education career in 1987 as a second-grade teacher in Duval County, helping to open a new inner-city school that served as a magnet program for technology. She worked as the school’s technology teacher for grades K-5 until becoming the Teacher Instructional Support (Assistant Principal). She has served as Principal at three elementary schools before being appointed Director of School Improvement, Professional Development and Assessment and later Assistant Superintendent for Instruction (Pre K-Adult), both in Clay County. She accepted the role of Deputy Superintendent in June 2015.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a master’s degree in Administration and Supervision, both from the University of North Florida.

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