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Students at the Windward School benefit from instruction that's multi-sensory, skill-focused and sequential in process.

Episode 5 of Mind the Gap (John Catt Educational) begins with “On Your Minds,” with Tom Sherrington and Emma Turner, and then continues with teacher, author and education

Dr. Michael Hart and Devishobha Chandramouli discuss addressing the global digital divide while taking advantage of a pandemic reset to help bring about strengths-based learning.

Tamara Fyke provides guidance on how to do SEL virtually.

Lori Jackson and Steve Peck provide steps on how to stay positive and manage emotions during times of uncertainty.

Todd Stanley shares five takeaways from teaching virtually.

History has trend cycles, and understanding them can help to determine the inevitable direction things will go in education.

Mark McCourt, author of Teaching for Mastery (John Catt Educational), discusses the debate and confusion surrounding mastery while elaborating on the importance of responsive teaching.

Episode 4 of Mind the Gap (John Catt Educational) begins with “On Your Minds,” the show’s first mailbag segment and continues with Dr. Robyn Jackson, award-winning author, and