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Letters to the Editor addressed to Betsy DeVos as President-Elect Trump transition turns to reality for the education sector.

I fondly remember the day I received my first driver’s license—and the newly found sense of independence it offered. But I also recall the realization that my freedom

Rigor is not simply asking students to do more work

By David Greene I have been silent for months on the issue of education. However, a Gannett Lo-Hud article about the plummeting of teacher candidate enrollments in NYS Colleges

By Dr. Craig T. Follins It is late summer and I am sitting in front of my flat screen anticipating the next event in the summer Olympics in Rio.

Twelve leading districts were recognized for their vision and innovation in integrating digital curriculum and technology into their teaching and learning process.

Lee Banville, Editor at Games and Learning, sat down with Dr. Berger to discuss the role of women in game-based learning. In the past, gaming was predominantly male