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State of the Teaching Profession

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A Conversation with David Greene:

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat are the issues and trends shaping the state of the teaching profession in America today?  Dr. Berger speaks with educator and author David Greene to get his insights and opinions. Among the topics they discuss are teachers unions, teacher evaluation and tenure.

David Greene is a former 38-year Social Studies teacher and coach. He is also a program consultant for WISE Services, an organization that helps high schools create and run experiential learning programs for seniors. In addition, the author of “Doing the Right Thing: A Teacher Speaks,” is Treasurer of Save Our Schools, and an active blogger and speaker. His blogs have appeared in Diane Ravitch’s website, Education Weekly, U.S. News and World Report, and the Washington Post. You can visit David Greene’s blog at https://dcgmentor.wordpress.com and follow him on Twitter @dcgmentor Greene is a 38-year educator and mentor and author of the book “Doing the Right Thing: A Teacher Speaks.” 

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