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The Top Traps of Educational Consulting

Howard Pitler, fresh off his latest op-ed on value added assessments, talks with Dr. Rod to discuss the behind-the-scenes business of educational consulting. Pitler talks about experiences that were sold as thoughtful Professional Development meetings only to reveal cattle call environments. Pitler also discusses the responsibilities of audience members and presenters drawing a stark line between the effort each group should put forth for successful outcomes. 

Howard PitlerHoward Pitler, Ed.D. is an author of Classroom Instruction that Works, 2nd ed., Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works, and A Handbook for Classroom Instruction that Works, 2nd ed. He has worked with teachers and administrators internationally for over a decade to improve outcomes for kids. He was named a National Distinguished Principal be NAESP and is an Apple Distinguished Educator. He can be reached at hpitler@gmail.com, on Twitter at @hpitler, or on his website, www.hpitler.com.

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