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Theme Kickoff: Future Ready

Photo credit: Dr. Avishai Teicher Pikiwiki Israel

Frank Gallagher, VP of Education at Cable Impacts Foundation, talks with Dr. Berger about his experience in education and best practices for integrating solutions into schools and communities.Led by Cable Impacts Foundation: How do you make a school “future ready?” What combination of infrastructure and devices, pedagogy and professional development, curriculum and content, leadership and culture will enable schools to effectively prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s challenges in college, career or civic life? Explore the answers to these questions and the best tools and resources for helping schools make that future ready transformation.

Future Ready is a challenge, a pledge, a framework, an aspiration and a movement.  It builds on the President’s ConnectED initiative, supported by the FCC’s enhancements to the e-Rate program, and encompasses both 21st century technology and learning.  Several tools exist, and many organizations are committed to helping school districts rapidly move to take full advantage of greater bandwidth, more powerful devices, digital content, and professional development to effectively prepare today’s students for their future in a world that may look very different than today.

Among the questions we’ll all explore are:

  • What challenges do schools face educating today’s learners?
  • What are the best curricula, pedagogy and instructional practices for your district? How do you create the necessary professional learning opportunities and communities of practice?
  • What are the right assessment and accountability measures and what do they actually tell school leaders and the public?
  • How do we ensure schools have the appropriate infrastructure, with sufficient bandwidth, networking and necessary devices?
  • What is the role of leadership and school culture in driving or hindering change?
  • How can school leaders look at the use of time and space differently?
  • How can districts formulate strategic plans and provide the necessary budget and resources?
  • How can districts form community partnerships to gather feedback and create public support?
  • How can schools generate the needed data while ensuring privacy and security?

Questions, comments or suggestions? Contact Beverly Hicks at bhicks@cableimpacts.org.

Kickoff Event!

Future Ready Kickoff: Join webinar this panel, including Moderator Frank Gallagher, VP Education, Cable Impacts Foundation; and speakers Thomas Murray, State and District Digital Learning Policy and Advocacy Director, Alliance for Excellent Education;  Dr. Glenn Kleiman, Executive Director and Dr. Jeni Corn, Director of Evaluation Programs at The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation’; and Dr. Matt Harris, Chair-Elect, ISTE and Deputy Head for Learning Technology, British School of Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia; as they explore the Future Ready theme, the educational, economic and social trends driving the Future Ready movement, the tools available for schools and districts making the Future Ready transition and preview activities during Connected Educator Month. Thursday, October 1st, from 4-5 PM Eastern; click here to register.

Are You Future Ready?

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