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How Much EdTech Is Too Much?

The EdTech market is getting more crowded every day

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Anybody who spends much time reading EdTech news knows that the industry has exploded with startup companies in the last decade or so. Venture capital firms see a lot of potential in the EdTech sector, and a lot of money is flowing into startups who claim to have the next big disruption of the education industry.

principal frustrated at computerAll educators and administrators are looking for new ways to help increase student outcomes, increase student engagement, make the lives of educators and administrators less complicated, and a thousand more issues that they face on a daily basis. With so many problems come many solutions to choose from, and it can be overwhelming.

Administrators and decision makers can have a hard time making sense of such a crowded. One commercial and non-profit partnership is teaming up to provide tools to help them make decisions on the right EdTech purchase.

In a sea of freemium model, seat license-based, and enterprise-level EdTech offerings, administrators will take any help they can get to make the right decisions.

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