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A district leader believes tech tools are just that

Dr. Jared Cotton is the superintendent of Henry County Public Schools, with main offices in Collinsville, VA. Jared worked his way through the ranks starting over 25 years ago, as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal before moving into administration.

I took an opportunity to talk to Jared at the recent AASA conference in New Orleans. I asked him about alternative sources of funding he pursues in his district, and he mentioned how grants from sources such as the Harvest Foundation helped fund programs for professional development. Innovation grants were also popular in bringing additional funds to the district.

Jared’s litmus test for technology is simple – if it helps the teaching effort, it’s effective, if not, it will not work. iPads or Chromebooks aren’t the stars; they’re just the tools that help the process. He always has a clear vision for how technology is used to enhance the educational experience for students. First and foremost, it’s of paramount importance that students remain engaged and excited about learning and attending school.

About Dr. Jared Cotton:

Dr. Jared Cotton is the superintendent of Henry County Public Schools in Collinsville, VA., where he oversees more than 1,600 staff and 7,000 students. Dr. Cotton took over the position in January, 2012.

With over 25 years of experience in public education, Dr. Cotton previously held the following positions in Chesapeake City Public Schools: fifth grade teacher, Summer School Coordinator for middle and high school programs, Instructional Technology Specialist, Assistant Principal at E.W. Chittum Elementary School, Principal at G.A. Treakle Elementary School, and Director of Assessment and Accountability.

Dr. Cotton has also served as the Assistant Superintendent for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment and was the Associate Superintendent for Educational Leadership and Assessment for Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

Dr. Cotton received a doctorate degree in educational administration and policy studies from George Washington University in 2003, a master’s degree in educational administration from George Washington University, and a bachelor’s degree in middle school education from Old Dominion University. He also has served as adjunct faculty in educational leadership for Troy University, Cambridge College, The George Washington University and the University of Virginia

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