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Transformative Leadership Summit Will Focus on Improving the School Experience

Conference Dates: July 31 - August 08, 2017

The second annual Transformative Leadership Summit will convene from July 31-August 8, 2017. This innovative, online-only conference brings together many of the top administrators and thought leaders in education to focus on solutions that will improve the school experience for students around the globe. Educators can register now to participate in this event.

Throughout this eight-day professional learning journey, Jethro Jones, host of the Transformative Principal Podcast, will interview 36 education experts to uncover their best ideas for improving students’ school experience across four domains: administrators; teachers; students; and parents and community. The conference is designed to serve as a catalyst for all educators, regardless of role, to transform schools to have a more powerful impact on students.

Administrator Experience

Administrators nationwide know that the job is getting bigger and bigger each year, and to really be effective, they need to improve themselves and prioritize leadership that lifts up and encourages students, teachers, parents, and community members. Experts Jennifer Abrams, Jon Harper, Dr. Anthony Muhammad, Chris Wejr, Nicholas Fischer, and Jeff Zoul will address topics including time management, recognizing your personal areas for growth, improving culture.

Student Experience

The reason educators come to work each day is to provide a quality education for students. These two days will focus on the student experience and how to make it better for them, including topics such as inspiring a growth mindset, inspiring choice and voice in education, adapting to individual student needs while providing for the whole classroom, experiential education and making achievement the number one priority. Experts include Sylwia Denko, Mark Barnes, Mike Anderson, and Joshua Spodek.

Teacher Experience

In order for teachers to succeed, they need to be supported in many ways. From the hiring process to teacher evaluation to teacher empowerment, experts will teach how to unleash the power of teachers to meet the needs of schools. Experts include Jimmy Casas, Justin Baeder, Joe Sanfelippo, Zaretta Hammond, Amy Fast, Frederick Lane and more.

Parent/Community Experience

It takes a village to raise a child and schools cannot do the work without the support of their communities. From involving the chamber of commerce to getting support in communities with high expectations, these experts will give keys to making those connections powerful and mutually beneficial. Experts include Glenn Robbins, Katie Kinnaman, William Parker, Shane Safir, and more.

No matter what role educators have, the Transformative Leadership Summit will provide opportunities to grow and improve leadership skills to prepare students for a future we don’t yet comprehend. Visit transformativeleadershipsummit.com to register today.

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