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True Literacy Launches New Dyslexia Course on Belouga’s Global Learning Platform

The course, Understanding Dyslexia: The Signs and the Science, available to educators and specialists worldwide, educates teachers on dyslexia basics, provides targeted support and training, and explains best practices in assessment and intervention

Nashville, Tenn. and Delhi, India—March 18, 2020—True Literacy, a leading source for up-to-date information, knowledge and solutions to improve literacy teaching and learning, has announced the release of its new dyslexia course through Belouga, a global learning platform that uses content and community to personalize an educational journey for every learner, both student and teacher. Created by international literacy expert and advocate Dr. Michael Hart, the new course, called “Understanding Dyslexia: The Signs and the Science,” is designed for educators, psychologists and learning specialists, and features informational videos, dyslexia resources and built-in quizzes to enhance retention—all in an easy-to-use format. The course can be accessed here

“I am delighted to launch this new dyslexia course, which will be accessible to educators and specialists from around the world via Belouga’s easily navigable global platform. Participants will learn the basics about dyslexia and reading science to build foundational knowledge to prepare to address students’ needs in their classrooms,” said Dr. Hart, who is the founder of True Literacy. “The course’s emphasis on the importance of early identification and best practices in dyslexia remediation will help to enhance understanding and level the playing field for students with this learning difference.”

Dr. Hart, who delivers monthly professional development modules for educators and parents in India through True Literacy, is a globally recognized expert in dyslexia and language-based learning disabilities. Understanding Dyslexia: The Signs and the Science was created exclusively for Belouga and provides True Literacy’s current network with an extended digital educational program on dyslexia education. It consists of three modules that each take approximately one hour to complete: 

• What is Dyslexia?―The introductory module explains what dyslexia is, what the signs are, and the strong connection between oral language and dyslexia. After completing this module, participants will be more prepared to meet the needs of their students who struggle with this language-based learning difference. 

• Crossing the Chasm Between Research and Reading InstructionThe second module of the course focuses on the need for proper educator support and training during and after formal education. In the United States, for example, only 50 percent of teachers are being taught how children learn to read despite the accumulation of over 40 years of evidence-based reading research. Participants will learn to implement the latest research in order to refine best practices in early intervention and early screening, and create increasingly more effective approaches to teaching reading in both general education and special education.

• What to Look For: Dyslexia at Different Ages―In the third module, participants learn how to recognize the signs of dyslexia and how dyslexia manifests differently at different ages. Participants will be introduced to lesson plan strategies they can adapt and implement in their classroom. They will also analyze the differences between reading challenges that stem from Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) versus those that stem from Phonological Processing and evaluate their impact on instruction.

The purpose of the collaboration between True Literacy and Belouga is to advance the mission of both parties in transforming conventional teaching and learning practices in the pursuit of educational quality improvement, adding the 21st century skills, professional development and global competencies relating to online tools, training and resources to address the needs of

students with dyslexia and other learning differences. Interested educators can find the new course on Belouga here: https://belouga.org/series/understanding-dyslexia-the-signs-and-the-science.  

About True Literacy

True Literacy is the leading destination for up-to-date information, knowledge, and solutions to improve literacy teaching and learning. Built upon the work of Dr. Michael Hart, a world-renowned expert and passionate advocate, the focus is on literacy skill-building, understanding learning differences, and the neuroscience of learning, True Literacy is a comprehensive source for ideas, research, and products from trusted solution providers, to address the needs presented by dyslexia and contribute to overall improvements in literacy. Follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook

About Belouga

Belouga was founded in 2017 with the mission of making education impactful and accessible on a global scale through peer-to-peer and classroom connection, communication, and collaboration. Realizing the rapidly changing landscape of technology and education, the Belouga team looked to create a central location, which takes the heavy lifting out of global education, and provides teachers and students with a personalized learning experience through community and content without sacrificing creativity or curriculum needs. Learn more at https://belouga.org/ 

About Dr. Michael Hart

Michael Hart, Ph.D. is a child psychologist with 25 years of experience in the diagnostic assessment and treatment of a full range of learning differences, including dyslexia and ADHD. He is the founder/owner of www.drmichaelhart.com and is currently providing webinars, online courses and onsite presentations/training for parents regarding the proper educational care of our dyslexic students. Prior to his current role, Dr. Hart served as a clinical psychologist, educational administrator and expert witness for learning disabled students in various settings including pediatric inpatient psychiatry, outpatient psychiatry, private practice and K-12 school settings. During his practice, he administered the full spectrum of psychological tests, behavioral assessment tools, affective inventories, projective tests, academic achievement tests and behavioral interviews.  His experience spans from infants to adults and he has conducted approximately 1000 evaluations. Dr. Hart is intensely focused on supporting parents as they become better informed and more experienced in the effective treatment and care of our dyslexic students.

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