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Typing.com Announces New App Partnership with Clever

The popular online typing program, used by more than 25 million students, is the latest addition to the Clever Library

January 23, 2019

San Juan, PRTyping.com, the web’s most popular typing tutor, announced today that it is the latest addition to the Clever Library, an online destination for teachers to easily discover and use the best digital learning apps in their classroom. The Library is free to use, and the included apps come with automatic account creation and single sign-on, saving hours of time for teachers and students. Typing.com, a free, fun and effective typing tutor for K-12 and beyond, is a gamified learning environment and the preferred typing program for nearly half a million teachers and more than 25 million students. Integration with the Clever Library will make this in-demand program more accessible for millions of students nationwide.

“We’re excited to partner with Clever to integrate Typing.com with the Clever Library. We created Typing.com because typing is a fundamental skill essential for all students to learn so they can succeed in the 21st century, and we strongly believe that all students deserve access to a program that will help them learn this skill,” said Austin Butler, Founder and President of Teaching.com, the creators of Typing.com. “In Clever, we’ve found a like-minded partner, with a shared goal to give teachers and students access to engaging tools that support high-quality learning, and we’re happy that more schools and classrooms will now enjoy easier access to Typing.com.”

Typing.com gives students the opportunity to learn the foundational skill of typing―the number one skill needed for effectively interacting with a computer―in a relevant, gamified environment, where lessons and exercises are presented in the context of cross-curricular content and real-world tasks. Students practice their skills by playing real games, such as Nitro Type and Keyboard Ninja, where the keyboard functions as the “controller,” making learning a natural part of the game-playing experience and not an isolated, forced activity. Some of the important features of Typing.com include:

  • A comprehensive educator-designed curriculum built for all skill levels, which takes students from home row through mastery of advanced punctuation.
  • Support for instruction, management and reporting, including downloadable progress reports, class management tools, and district-level accounts to view progress data across schools.
  • Adaptive learning, achieved by tracking each student’s most troublesome keys and creating individualized lessons to tackle bad habits before they’re locked into muscle memory.
  • Dictation and audio features, including a WCAG 2.0 compatible theme, which create full accessibility and empower visually impaired students to master the skill of typing as easily as their classmates.

“We are thrilled to offer Typing.com through the Clever Library. Typing is a critical 21st century skill, and teachers agree: Typing.com stands out as one of the most engaging apps in the Library,” said Brett van Zuiden, Product Manager for the Clever Library.

The Clever Library is a part of Clever’s single sign-on (SSO solution) and allows districts to see what programs teachers are discovering and adopting. It also provides district leaders with the opportunity to recommend resources for classrooms. By joining the Clever Library at no cost, edtech providers can drive teacher adoption for their app and enable teachers to instantly set up the software with SSO and rostering. In addition to Typing.com, other apps that have recently been added to the Library include Newsela, Duolingo and Freckle.

Individual students, educators, schools or districts can get started today by visiting Typing.com or accessing it through the Clever Library.   

About Teaching.com

Teaching.com was founded with the simple goal of teaching kids the fundamental skills they need, in a fun environment they’ll enjoy. Through its educational programs, including the popular Typing.com and Nitro Type, Teaching.com provides an authentic environment for students to explore their passion for learning and a compass for teachers to navigate their own instructional map, guiding students along the learning journey. Simply put, Teaching.com aims to create resources that focus on fundamental knowledge and success skills, and present them in a way that lets students learn and teachers teach. Learn more by visiting https://teaching.com

About Typing.com

Typing.com understands that, in the 21st century, typing is how communication happens. It is the core skill for interacting effectively with a computer, making it the number one communication skill in the digital world. Typing.com gives students the opportunity to learn this foundational skill in a relevant, gamified environment, where lessons and exercises are presented in the context of cross-curricular content and real-world tasks, and students practice their skills by playing real games where learning becomes a natural part of the game-playing experience and not an isolated, forced activity. Learn more about this free program for teachers and students by visiting https://www.typing.com

About Clever

Clever was founded by educators and technologists to speed the adoption and impact of learning applications in the classroom. Now, more than 50% of U.S. K-12 schools use Clever to deploy leading software applications and provide a secure, personalized learning experience for teachers and students. Backed by Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Partners, GSV Capital, and Y-Combinator, Clever is based in San Francisco, California. For more information visit https://clever.com.

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