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Understanding the Brain Helps Teachers Educate Students

An interview with Marcus Conyers and Dr. Donna Wilson

How do we explain the brain in such a way that allows teachers to be even more effective? Dr. Berger, president of MindRocket Media Group sat down with Marcus Conyers and Donna Wilson to explore this subject in detail.

Dr. Donna Wilson is a psychologist, author, university faculty, and former teacher. She is a pioneer in applying implications of research from the transdisciplinary field of mind, brain, and education to practice for preservice and in-service teachers and educational leaders.

Marcus Conyers is a university curriculum developer and researcher with a focus on practical applications of mind, brain, and education science.

Both Conyers and Wilson say that when a teacher positively believes that the students in a classroom will be successful, the students will believe it. The result? Higher performance now and for the lifetime of the learners.

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