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Why and How Parents Want Schools to Rethink Education

In this edCircuit video column, cross-published as a special episode of Future of School: The Podcast, Amy Valentine gives commentary on a newly released survey from the National Parents Union that received coverage from The 74. In the survey, 6 in 10 parents indicated they’d like to see schools offer expanded remote learning options, even once pandemic-related restrictions have ended. 

Online learning has been present in America for 25 years, but is still very new to most Americans, with the past several months being the first exposure most students and parents have received. However, we’ve already come a long way, with parents becoming aware of the promise of flexible learning options to best meet comprehensive student needs. Watch this short video for more of Amy’s reflections and key takeaways.

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About Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine is the Chief Executive Officer and Education Evangelist of Future of School, a national nonprofit organization designed to support the growth of innovative school models integrating blended and online learning. Prior to guiding Future of School’s incubation and launch, Amy managed a portfolio of Colorado schools where she led academic and operational turnaround strategy. She also previously served as executive director for a network of Nobel Learning Communities schools in California.

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